The Beginning of Something Beautiful

Wellness Partnerships

We are The Collective Wellness Institute. Our Nationally Accredited Massage Therapy Courses and Training are delivered by industry experts and provide you with optimal training. Its time to learn about wellness therapies and get the skills to make it your vocation. However, we want to evolve and build on our knowledge and expertise by connecting with other like-minded organisations to create Wellness Partnerships. Why? We’re big personal growth and lifelong learning. Most of all – when we expand our expertise, our students will benefit and succeed.

The industry experts we have assembled are wellness professionals revered in the health and wellness industry. This is only the beginning.

Academic Partner

We are in the process of connecting with health and wellness organisations to create wellness partners. We're investing in the expansion of our knowledge, resources and expertise to continually improve our courses and your learning.

Community Partner

We have a strong interest in the community. Our collective explore opportunities that can better the health and wellbeing in wider communities. We want to give back and work collaboratively with others who share our philosophy.

Advisory Board Members

Our Board Members consist of experts in their chosen fields. Their professional backgrounds include allied health, education, community services, technology and business to ensure we attain the best knowledge to deliver a high quality product.

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